Children of Promise (COP) is the Children’s ministry of JHDC; our vision is to: Maximize Children’s Potential through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our Mission is to teach and inspire children from Nursery through Elementary school about who God is and how they can know Him, love Him, and grow in their relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ. To show children how they can experience God through worship, practical teachings, and hands-on interactions. To encourage children to maximize their God-given talents, by giving them opportunities to serve God and others, as well as grow up as leaders in the ministry and community.

Our Core Values are as follows:

  • God Centered
  • Child Friendly
  • Family Focused
  • Safe Environment
  • Friendly & Caring Volunteers/Staff
  • Thriving Community

Service Time​s:

Sunday: ​​1st Service @ 8:00 am​ (Children’s Church Building)​

Sunday: ​​2nd Service @ 10:00 am​ (Children’s Church Building)​

Sunday: ​3rd Service @ 1​2​:00 ​noon​ (Children’s Church Building)

1st Sunday of the month​ – Joint Service ​​@ 10:00 am​ (Children’s Church Building & Annex Building)​

The JHDC Joshua Generation department (J-GEN) is the Middle School Church arm of Jesus House, DC

 We are children age 11-14 years and are predominantly 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

 J-GEN is a 3-year Transition period to the Teenage Church (Caleb Crew)

 At J-GEN, issues peculiar to our seasons of life are carefully addressed side by side the Word of God and through detailed practical teachings from the Bible

 We are given orientation and a solid foundation that will prepare us for the next stage of our teenage years and its challenges -to enable us live uncompromised and exemplary practical Christian lifestyles

 We learn to make informed godly choices and take confident ownership of our choices

 We are taught to be positive Role Models to the generation coming after us

 We are given roles and responsibilities in different departments to enable us learn how to serve in ministry

 We participate in Community Service and Internships, starting from our own JHDC Church Community

 We are taught sound Foundational Spiritual Principles of Salvation and Godly living

 We dress so we can be appropriately addressed

 We have Seasonal activities, events, road trips, and outdoor play times –who says being a Christian has to be boring

 Our Services are interactive and we have open forum Questions & Answers sessions

 We have fun Praise, Worship & Dance, fun Ice-Breakers, and all geared towards giving God the glory

 Candy Breaks and Snacks are part of our service activities, but in a very reverent and honorable atmosphere

We hope you will join our J-GEN Community and bring someone along !

Visit us at JHDC J-Gen Middle School Ministry @ JHDC Annex Bldg., 919-921 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring MD 20910 

Tel: 301-650-1000 Web:

CALEB CREW ​is the teenage ministry of JHDC; the ministry is strategically geared towards high school students from grades 9 – 12​. Caleb Crew is a unique Church family made up of teenagers and caring adult leaders, and we are excited to have your teen(s) join us.

​The vision of Caleb Crew Teenage Ministry is: “To Build An Authentic Faith, Enabling Teens To Be Relevant In A Changing World!”

We focus on the following:

  • ​​Spiritual Development
  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Engagement
  • Mentoring


Below are the Caleb Crew Service Times, please note that on the 1st Sunday of every month we hold a Joint Service at 10AM, and the venue is the Dance Studio located at: ​​932 Philadelphia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910(Yellow building to the right of the El Salvadorian Consular Building!)​

​​Service Time​s​:

Sunday: ​​1st Service @ 8:00 am​ (Annex Building)​

Sunday: ​​2nd Service @ 10:00 am​ (Annex Building)​

Sunday: ​3rd Service @ 1​2​:00 ​noon​ (Annex Building)

1st Sunday Service of the month​ (Joint Service)​ ​​@ 10:00 am​ (Dance Studio)​

XPRESS is the Young Adults & Singles Ministry of Jesus House DC. Their Mission is: Empowering a generation of XPRESSED (Xceptional, Professional, Relevant, Excellent, Spiritual, Social, Eclectic, & Driven) Young Adults.

They are a group of dynamic and engaged young Christians always connecting with others to foster Friendships, Relationships, Networking and Holistic Wellness. They aim to provide innovative programming and events to improve lives and provide joy to people.

Jesus Women is the women’s ministry of the church and the ministry addresses pertinent women’s issues with a view to positively affecting these areas in line with the Word of God.

Jesus Women support the in-house vision of the Senior Pastor (Pastor Ghandi Olaoye), and with him at the lead, uphold the Gideon’s Company (the Men’s Ministry), in order to have a total package of homes being under safe cover in Jesus Christ. They are an inseparable whole and a potent force in affecting this generation for Christ.

Jesus Women have sub-ministries that address the following— Single Females, the Single Mother, the Marriage Ministry, Business & Investment, Arts & Crafts, Health, Careers, Fashion, Conduct, Cookery & Home Management, and Spiritual issues.

Gideon’s Company is the Men’s ministry of Jesus House D.C. Since its inception in August 15, 2000, the goal of Gideon’s company has been to see men get saved, to help the men understand male leadership from a biblical perspective, to encourage participation and commitment to the church, to provide a setting that promotes relationship building with other fellow men and to advance God’s kingdom.

Gideon’s Company is devoted to raising strong men, loving husbands and fathers. They host an annual Men’s Convention every October.