April 1st – April 30th 2019 | 919 Philadelphia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910


BIAZO (pronounced bee—ah’—zo) is a transliterated Greek word that means “to use force, to apply force.” In 2001, Biazo was founded as a celebration of the church’s ability to overcome severe resistance in the acquisition of its present site. For the past decade, the month of March has been dedicated to a month long conference empowering the community and church members to maximize all their potential.

BIAZO’s mission is individual empowerment, community outreach, youth development, health awareness and fundraising for the less privileged. This annual conference is hosted by Jesus House DC, a dynamic non-denominational church. Biazo has grown from a singular church conference to an annual celebration of the church’s commitment to meeting various needs of a diverse body of people and the community.

In a recent interview, Pastor Ghandi emphasized that “the church of the future must impact the community. A church that does not impact the community, sooner or later will cease to exist.” This statement sums up the mission of Biazo today.

Biazo’s vision is to continuously accelerate the positive impact in every aspect of the lives of attendees; from personal to professional to spiritual and everything in between. Although the original vision was intended for the church, it has drastically evolved and spread past its four walls into the community.